Services Provided

3D Workshop, Inc., expert creators of architectural, engineering, and product development prototypes, specializes in the design and fabrication of architectural and industrial scale models. We use a wide variety of tools and processes, complemented by the education, experience, and expertise of our staff. Services offered from our studio include:

- Scale Model Making Services

- Model Repairs

- Laser Cutting Services

- Mold Making/Resin Casting

- Themed Fabrication

- Chemical Milling

- Small Run Manufacturing

Scale Model Making Services

Information needed to begin your model include current site and building drawings in AutoCAD; any rendering or artwork applicable to the project; aerial and/or site photographs; landscape drawings with planting types; building, floor, and roof plans and elevations; and color selections. Upon signed approval of our proposal, construction of the model can begin within the specified commencement and delivery schedule dates. Typically, model construction duration ranges from as little as 3 full working weeks to as much as 16 full working weeks. Materials used consist of high-density urethane foams, acrylic and styrene plastics, urethane resins, and chemically milled metals.

In addition to providing highly detailed models for sales centers, we also offer services to build study models for feasibility studies and models for training purposes.



Model Repairs

3D Workshop, Inc. provides model repair services on our models and models constructed by other firms. Should you need a repair, just contact our studio with detailed information as to the scope of work required, and we will provide you with a proposal. Certain information may be required, as with our Scale Model Making Services, in order to complete our proposal. We are available to do on-site repair work in addition to having your model shipped back to our studio for completion of your needed repair work.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting equipment provides a very cost effective and time efficient method of creating components for models and can be utilized for producing graphics and signage, quick design mockups and buildability studies, pattern making and themed fabrication elements. 3D Workshop, Inc. currently has two lasers in-house that can cut or score acrylic, cork, chipboard, paper, wood, and vinyl. If you require laser cutting services, please contact our studio to discuss the scope of work.

Mold Making/Resin Casting

Mold making and resin casting technology allows 3D Workshop, Inc. to mass produce detailed and complex components, repeatedly and with precision, that can be incorporated within the elements of a finished model. Should you need mold making and resin casting services, please call our studio to discuss your project and pricing.

Themed Fabrication

Creativity and precision are two crucial elements required to provide accurate and detailed themed fabrications. Whether it be a small character sculpture or a large space on a cruise ship, 3D Workshop, Inc. is capable of assisting you.

Chemical Milling

A process which incorporates the use of developing an image onto a ferrous metal and then milled through by immersing into a chemical, allows us to create parts and components to models with tolerances up to plus or minus .002 inches . Brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, and bronze are some of the materials we have incorporated into our project.

Small Run Manufacturing

Utilizing our mold making and resin casting technology gives us the ability to create either 1 or 100 parts. If your project requires multiple prototypes without the high cost of injection molding tooling, we can create "soft" tooling to accomplish your small run manufacturing needs.