Model Building Process

The three phases of the process are (1) Design/Engineering; (2) Construction; and (3) Final Assembly and Finish. 

By creating milestones, the communication lines are always open between the owner, developer, and designer so that should a problem arise, it could be addressed quickly and solution created so that the impact on the timeline and budget is minimal. Our models are the finished products of training, technique, and professional experience. 

Meticulous adherence to construction detail is reflected in each model, as well as the technician's patient effort to capture all aspects of design, materials, surfaces, textures, lighting, and coloration.The professional model technicians and master craftsmen of 3D Workshop, Inc. work not only with the traditional tools and processes of model making, but also with the most current techniques and materials in plastic technology. 

Our model building capabilities include metal machining, casting, woodworking, chemical milling, vacuum forming, silk screening, and topographic contouring. Our facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools, together with management's orientation to procedure, which help our technicians maintain production efficiency while producing high quality models at competitive prices.

We would be happy to discuss the full range of services available to you at 3D Workshop, Inc. and to provide you with the order of magnitude of fixed price estimates. 

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