Why Use Us?

Some people are natural story tellers, others are not. If you fall into the category of needing some assistance, then let a model help tell your story. 3D Workshop, Inc. takes a design or concept from your specifications and drawings and transforms it into a three dimensional physical model that you can see, touch, feel, and completely immerse yourself in. When models are put to use, the power of communication that they can have when presented to a group or simply left in a room for people to discover and explore on their own is quite evident.

Physical models are a wonderful tool for solving design and construction problems. During the design and development phases of your project, physical models can be used to convey ideas, concepts, aid in design, and create solutions to buildability, feasibility and value engineering concerns. Since we live in a three dimensional world, it is much easier to create a design solution to a problem in three dimensions rather than in a two dimension realm.

3D Workshop, Inc., expert creators of architectural, engineering, and product development prototypes, specializes in the design and fabrication of scale models. Our education and professional experience in architecture and design allow us to go several steps further than simply providing you with a replication of your project. We have high standards, and we know that. We keep no less than perfect in mind when building your model. 3D Workshop, Inc. creates state-of-the-art, three dimensional prototypes and scale models that are simply among the best sales tools in the world.

Your centerpiece must truly communicate the vision and scope of your design to ensure the success of your project; even more, it should set a new standard. Our reputation has been forged on that concept.